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Our Products Enhance Beauty With Ease

When it's time to plan for a new look; one that is uniquely beautiful, and creates an attraction that will last beyond anyone's expectations; many turn their heads toward Terrazzo Tile. There is nothing that can compare to its elegance. This tile is created with the incredible ingenuity of mixing marble, quartz, and granite. It's solidly held together by a polymer which hardens and creates a variety of possibilities.

Choices are limitless

When it comes to choices, the imagination knows no bounds. These tiles offer sleek options in a variety of colors and design. For example, a new addition is the AQ108 which offers a beautiful dark gray Terrazzo Tile with white and black speckles. The contrast is perfect for any commercial, or residential flooring. It would look fantastic as a wall project as well.

Terrazzo tiles aren’t just for flooring. Many businesses have the tile installed on their walls. Some residential homes have used it on their patio decks. The AQ520 is a light gray background with black and white Terrazzo chips. It is extremely versatile and used for almost any project imaginable.

What are the advantages?

There are many benefits to having these tiles installed. One of the most important is that these tiles are low maintenance. They will last beautifully for decades with little effort. Another benefit is that they can be used both indoors, and outdoors, which demonstrate their universal appeal. Finally, the brand is well known for its durability and diversity.

Where to begin?

Start your project by taking advantage of these amazing tiles. There is an abundance to choose from and a way to make any project a work of art.

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